March 24, 2020

Infront 4×4 Mechanic Safe to Service

The measures we’re taking to ensure the health and safety for all of our customers.

Well, this is definitely not how we wanted to start our FAQ Page, but given the uncertainties, changes and pure craziness we’ve seen in the past few weeks, we wanted to be completely open about the procedures we have in place to give you some peace of mind during the Covid-19 Crisis.

As a mechanics workshop, Chris {our head mechanic} takes extreme measures to keep his work environment safe and clean for his customers and himself, which he can control and ensure in this time of uncertainty. Until we are advised otherwise by the VACC or State Government, we will be open for all your 4WD servicing and repairs – but it’s not ‘business as usual’ as restrictions are in place!

What you can expect from In Front 4×4 Call now 8740 0220

  • A smile, but no handshake. Don’t take offense – social distancing just isn’t negotiable at this time.
  • Seat covers, floor mats and gloves are used during every mechanical repair or service – this isn’t a new measure for us, but one we’re definitely continuing with.
  • Sanitising of the high contact areas in your vehicle before and after servicing. This includes key, steering wheel, door handles etc.
  • The door is open! Not just to be welcoming, but to reduce points of contact.
  • Reception restrictions. All we ask is that if you notice another customer inside, just hang back for a minute – we’re only encouraging social distancing.
  • At this stage, we are offering (but not enforcing) onsite contactless drop off and pick up. Just pull up, give us a call or honk (if that’s your preference!) leave the keys in the car and Chris will do the rest. It’ll be finished, sanitised and ready to be picked up after you recieve your usual phone call later in the day.
  • We are encouraging contactless payment via Bank Transfer – though proof of transfer is required prior to all contactless pick up. This can be as simple as a screenshot sent via messenger, email or DM’s.
  • Chris can also offer completely contactless pick up and drop off services for local customers. If you’re local to us, Chris can pick up your 4WD or passenger car from your place in the morning and return it to you on his way through. Availabilities for the completely contactless pick up and delivery are limited – so call now to book this service.

As much as we hate mentioning ‘The C Word’, we’re not ignoring the severity of the situation, or the restrictions that are put in place. While we can, we hope to provide some normality and clarity – if not for you, then for your beloved 4WD!

On behalf of Chris (who is currently on the tools) we’d like to thank you all for your continued support. It’s been a cracking 12 months as business owners and we’re really looking forward to the next!
Briony – Mrs In Front 4×4

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